Need to Lift & Shift “X” quickly, easily and safely? – then there is  a new solution The Lift & Shift X©   – a simple and effective product design but with so many uses, Purposed to help in the safe and easy lifting and shifting of large or bulky items “X”, items which are awkward to hold or grip onto by hand, too heavy for 1 person to lift

Independently nominated for Design Europa 2016 award

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Lift Shift User Guide

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You can order / purchase the Lift & Shift X from City Business Center, 422 Leagrave Road, Luton, Beds LU3 1RG | tel 01582 584048

For all enquiries please email

designEuropa            DesignEuropa Awards 2016 Nominee


  • Its light – weighs in at a little around 1.1Lb
  • Its strong – 3000KG breaking point
  • Its flexible – design allows it to fit snugly around most items
  • Its adaptable – can be used with the most amount of items, square, rectangular, tall, wide, Long…
  • It reduces risk of slippage when moving stuff – unique design ensures the item being lifted & Shifted “wedges” itself into place
  • You can tilt up / tilt down / dip to the left / to the right – allows rebalance on the move, go with the terrain without the need to stop and start
  • Easily use to carry up or down stairs – unique design ensures the item being lifted & Shifted “wedges” itself into place to allow movement at angles and turns
  • Easy to pick up with or to put down without dropping
  • It can be extended by looping 2 LSX`s together
  • It promotes safer lifting
  • It reduces risk of injury
  • It reduces chances of damage, scuffing walls and doorways
  • Easily carry through doorways without jamming knuckles,
  • Small enough to store away in a drawer


See the Lift & Shift X in action on:YTLogo

Lift & Shift X Reg No strap

Photography by Rishan Pithwa