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Mailbox Services

Mailbox & Location Services for Business and Personal use

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Mailbox Rental for Business or Personal Use

The mailbox rental service from City Business Center is ideal if you are able to call into branch to collect your mail & parcels in person.

It is secure and confidential. All your correspondence is received, processed and stored in secure conditions awaiting your collection. All your personal information is treated as confidential and will not be disclosed to any third parties without your consent except where required by law.

Business Use: Businesses of all size can portray a professional image with a dedicated physical address at a commercial building

Individual Use: Private Individuals in need of a secure and confidential alternative address can with City Business Center`s personal mailbox rental service, whether you are planning a surprise, on the move, travelling, living in shared accommodation or need a bit more privacy we can help.

Post / Parcel Forwarding Service

The post and parcel forwarding service from City Business Center is simple, quick, easy and convenient. Each time any post or parcels are received we will forward onto an alternative address anywhere in the world.

You tell us how to deal with your mail. We can forward your mail as and when we receive it, or at any frequency you require - weekly or monthly. You can also specify how we should forward your mail such as first class, second class, airmail or courier.

MailCheck Service

Too busy to get to us? Need to see your letters asap? With our Mailcheck service we can open up any letters on your instruction, scan and email to you anytime.


No more waiting in for a delivery that may never come! with City Business Center`s DropShop service – you can have all your parcels delivered to our secure location, which will be signed for on your behalf and held in store for collection at your convenience

In addition…

At City Business Center we also provide host of other services:

  • Company Registered Office / address service.
  • Printing, Copying, Scanning and Binding
  • Business Stationery – Business cards, leaflets, flyers, posters, signs, banners
  • Design services – We can help you create a unique Identity, help you with Logos, design and printing
  • Personalised email addresses you@yourcompany.co.uk and website yourcompany.co.uk (subject to availability)

Important notes:

  • Services such as email Receiving and Post / Parcel forwarding are optional and are charged for in addition to mailbox rental. 
  • All prices shown include VAT at current rates unless specified otherwise.
  • Payment for the Mailbox Service selected is payable in full in advance for the rental period selected. There will be no refunds for cancellation by the Customer of the Mailbox Service or any part of it. Please review our Terms & Conditions
  • Personal Mailbox Service is intended for and priced to handle private mail only and cannot be used for any business purposes. Please select Business Mailbox option if you require a mailbox/mailing address to support your business.
  • Please review our ID requirements for Mailbox rental, virtual address and other Location services